NAAC Accredited, Fully Wi-Fi Campus, Multi–Faculty, Post Graduate & Co-Educational College

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Vision , Mission And Objectives


To impart qualitative value based education as enshrined in the teachings of Guru Nanak enunciating the principals of co- existence, brotherhood and above all universal well being.


  • To imbibe the ideals of Guru Nanak amongst the youth in order to instill in their minds high moral values, instinct for social To pursue and disseminate knowledge with commitment to all sections of society.
  • To create and provide opportunity for the overall development of students that can transform the society.
  • To revive high ideals of students- teacher relationship so as to inspire the youth to have yearning for acquiring knowledge and professional skills.
  • To enable the students to inculcate patriotism and sense of sacrifice for the country.
  • Justices, awareness and equality of human mind.
  • To inculcate quality of competence, confidence excellence among the student.



The Motto of the institute reads, “GuruPrasad Vidya Vichareh” which truly indicates the objectives of the institute. The principal objective of the institute, named after the great Guru Nanak, is to promote morality and sobriety of life amongst the students so as to instill in them the valuable teachings of Sikhism and to enable them to develop habits and physical prowess that may make them intelligent, conscientious and patriotic citizens. 

The objectives of the institute are as follows:

  • To promote academic excellence by providing quality education.
  • To uplift the rate of literacy of Punjab, particularly in Ludhiana, as Punjab ranks among the states and U.T.'s at 28 out of 35 regarding literacy rate.
  • To encourage the development of right value system among the students