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Bhagat Puran Singh Eco Club

The main goal of Bhagat Puran Singh Eco Club is to protect the natural resources and the natural ecosystem in order to establish an eco-friendly environment. The main purpose is to create awareness about the biodiversity conservation and local environmental problems among students and to establish clean and green awareness among students through various creative and innovative methods. This club plays a pivotal role in building environmental consciousness among students. The key motive is to cultivate and educate the students about the relevance of environment.

Prof.Manpreet Kaur



  • To encourage the students to keep their environment green and clean through tree plantation.
  • To foster the practice of water management by avoiding the wastage of water.
  • To ensure cleanliness in and around the college campus
  • To educate the students to raise awareness among the public and sanitary staff so as to avoid the indiscriminate dumping and burning of waste that cause respiratory diseases.
  • To help the students in spreading the message of conservation of environment.

Activities initiated by Club from 2015-2020 :

  1. Session 2016-17
  • Tree Plantation in the lawn opposite Guru Nanak Hall on 19th August, 2016.
  1. Session 2017-18
  • Planted 100 trees in GGN School Grounds in July, 2017.
  • Installed hanging flower pots near college parking
  1. Session 2018-19
  • Installation of pots on pillars of Golden Jubilee Block
  • Reshaping of waste wood into pot stands
  1. Session 2019-20
  • Plantation Drive in the College Campus
  • Repair and paint of discarded tyres and water filters and used them for plantation purposes.
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